In the Studio with…Chilli Fox Designs

Chilli Fox’s Emporium features a series of animal illustrations that depict the everyday (or not so everyday) secret lives of some of the worlds most beloved creatures. Vanessa Wells the artist behind Chilli Fox, has many strings to her bow. As well as creating the wonderful collection of animals for Chilli Fox, she is also an illustrator working in the fields of logo design, greetings cards and 2d artwork for Facebook games.

Vanessa explains, “It all started drawing animals with surprisingly human traits (the first being the badger with a glass of wine.. who hasn’t felt like that).  This evolved into the menagerie that is Chilli Fox, which has over 100 designs of different animals.  It is a labour of love to depict so many animals – domestic and exotic – and enjoy either embellishing expected traits, or creating unexpected juxtapositions with their secret lives.

Part of the evolution of this epic project is that we have been able to use the motifs as surface pattern design for fabrics and create my own range of beautiful and fun accessories.

 Chilli Fox designs are available on cards, coasters and prints (all printed in UK) –  as well as on scarves, bags, washbags and cushions that are handmade in our home studio in Hampshire.”

Keep watching the website/ social media for new designs to entertain and delight!

Chilli Fox will be exhibiting with us in Stockbridge on the 15th and 16th June. We can’t wait!

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