In The Studio With…Hannah Viner Jewellery Designer Maker


Who doesn’t love a collection of beautifully made and just down right gorgeous jewellery? Especially when that jewellery is exciting and fresh? Hannah Viner Jewellery Designer Maker with be exhibiting her totally stunning collection at our next event on the 4th and 5th August in Stockbridge. 

Hannah is currently studying Jewellery at The University for the Creative Arts, Farnham and by the looks of her work, has a very promising career ahead of her. Here, Hannah tells us a little bit about herself, her process and what inspires her. 

​”I have spent my time during my degree learning and developing different techniques. I most enjoyed lost wax casting and the wax work involved in the process. I love how easy it is to manipulate the wax into whichever shapes I choose, and then to see it transformed into a perfect metal version.

I have recently been developing my lost wax casting by introducing different precious and semi precious stones – these are set into the waxes themselves and then cast in place during the metal pour. I love the uncertainty of whether or not the stones will stay in place or fall into the metal and be lost until the metal worn down over time. 

Rockpools is my graduate collection from UCA Farnham. Focusing on the textures and shapes I found in rock pools as a child, I wanted to bring these elements to life as wearable pieces of jewellery. The work is simple and elegant, but perfectly captures the tactile nature of the rock pools and tiny worlds within them.

As part of one of my units at Farnham, we had to enter a competition. I chose Pewter Live 2017 as my competition.


Having previously sand and lost wax cast in pewter, I decided to use this technique to create my submissions. I took inspiration from my current project and its inspirations – rockpools, barnacles, stones, the sea. The Rockpool Collection includes a bangle, 3 stacking rings, a necklace and a pair of earrings – all easily reproducible, which was a criteria to fit into within Pewter Live.

I have always been attracted to rocks; on the beach, in the woods, wherever I could find them I would always bring home the ones I picked up. If I saw a rock I liked, I had to pick it up and keep it – otherwise would I ever find it again? As a child I would fill my dad’s pockets with stones and shells and driftwood found on the beach during our holidays to Devon. To this day we have piles of these beach findings in our back garden. 

I never picked up the perfectly smooth or round rocks, I always liked the ones that had holes or texture or an unusual shape – I think this is where my interest in rough/uncut precious/semi-precious stones began. To me the rough stones have more of a personality than the brilliant cut diamonds or perfect synthetic stones that fill the jewellery stores today. The raw shapes of the stones, how they feel to touch, and their natural colours and the fact that every single one is unique make rough gems much more inspiring and desirable to me. 

These pieces are from my most recent experimental and development work, using lost wax casting to cast the stones in place, rather than setting them in later. I really enjoy working with wax and being able to set the stones into the wax is exciting – who knows if they will stay in place during the casting? We just have to wait and see!

Exploring geometry and symmetry I created these boxes – some wearable, some purely for display – using digital engraving and hand techniques with copper and brass. I used the different colours in the metals and different surface finishes, to create contrast and texture within some pieces.”

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