In The Studio With…Holly’s Leather Craft


If you’re like me and love to jot your ideas down in a journal, or keep your to do list in an attractive notebook, then you’ll really appreciate our next exhibitor – Holly’s Leather Craft. Not only do they make beautiful journals, notebooks, card holders and purses/wallets but also pet accessories, belts and other small leather items.


Their products are expertly crafted, hand stitched and finished – some in traditional colours, others more bright and contrasting. The husband and wife team have many years of experience in making beautiful leather items. Here’s a little bit about them in their own words:

“We trained many years ago as saddlers. My husband Malcolm is a master saddler and we had our own saddlery workshop producing mostly specialist bridles for Arabian show horses. After a long break away from leather work we decided to get back into it but change direction to produce an expanding range of small leather items – wallets, journal covers, dog leads and collars, belts and a range of jewellery.

We still offer a limited range of equestrian items, mostly made to order.

All our work is completely hand made from a variety of high quality leathers using traditional methods and hand tools. Hand stitching with waxed linen thread in various colours gives the finished work a modern look.”





Holly’s Leather Craft will be with us at our next event on the 4th and 5th August in Stockbridge. Do come and see their beautiful work.

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