In The Studio With…Karen Welsh Artist


Have you ever seen a painting or piece of art that makes you smile, lifts your soul and takes you to a happy place? That’s how I feel when I see one of Karen Welsh’s paintings! I love her use of colour and texture as well as her subject matter. They take me back to happy holidays in Cornwall on the beach or in Italy – one of my favourite places. Karen will be exhibiting with us at our next event on the 4th and 5th August so do come and see her wonderful work! Here Karen talks about her inspiration and techniques.

“My work is textured and colourful.  I play with the colours, exaggerating and changing them. The completed artworks are a colour impression of my view of the subject. As well as brushes, I use a palette knife, the colours and tones are mixed and applied as individual marks and not blended on the substrate. This method creates the impasto textured finish.

I am inspired by the landscape that surrounds me, the textures and colours of the ever changing fields and the wonderful big skies are perfect for me to work with. I like to create images that remind us of sunny days and happy times.

The creation of artwork is like travelling down a long and exciting road. As you travel along that road, every now and then you discover something new to play with. An interesting technique or medium, an idea that you can’t ignore, the joy of a successful mistake that takes you in a new direction.

As I have travelled, I have discovered that nature gives you the most perfect colour combinations, using those colours and the shapes laid out in the landscape or in a still life. I express my enjoyment of what I am seeing.

Karen Welsh image 2018

Drawing and painting has been in my life for as long as I can remember. My father was an artist, I was surrounded by art. Cartoons and sketches drawn straight onto the walls going up the staircase in black paint. His studio, his paintings everywhere influenced me to follow in his footsteps.

karenwelshblackmarahhen copy

Contrasts of colour, light and shade are what I love. Sunny days, happy times and memorable landscapes are some of the things I like to capture. I am very much enjoying still life at the moment. Abstraction is something I aim for in the future.”

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