In The Studio With…Nancy Weiler


Nancy Weiler is an artist with an illustrative/abstract style. Nancy doesn’t only just paint but also transfers her designs and images onto textiles such as beautiful scarves and cushions. She is a Winchester School of Art graduate and has worked in industry, working to client briefs and delivering design solutions. Here Nancy tells us a bit about her background, career and life as a freelance designer.


Growing up in the New forest surrounding by pehnomenal views and scenery, art just seemed like a natural career to pursue. Whilst still at school I took art to GCSE and followed something that felt natural onto Brockenhurst College. Wanting to better myself and finding out what the industry was like, I pursued an internship with GP & JBaker at the warehouse in Poole. I discovered my passion for textile design whilst I was there constantly rifling through all the fabrics.


After a successful time at college I was accepted into Winchester School of art, where my passion grew and love for the arts continued. I knew this was the right career.

Quickly I had to adapt and change as the work was fast paced and following to a high standard truly having an insight to what the industry was like. Experimenting constantly, finding new and interesting designs we could work from such as embroidery and embellishment, screen printing, drawing and mark making, fabric dyeing, discharge and Devore processes, repeat formats and photoshop.


During my time at university there was an opportunity to travel to Toronto, Canada. I jumped at the chance as this would bring a new element to my design work. I tried lithography, relief printmaking, screen printing and photography. Living there for so long, I took time to find new artists and designers, interning with a local designer, constantly searching for new inspiration that would enhance my work for my final year.

nancy weiler postcard

Once again trying to better myself I took the opportunity to work with a company, Brandology. While here, the flare for the industry shone through gaining valuable experience that enabled me to develop my career further and give me that confidence to finally decide to start my business. Attending industry meetings with clients discussing design construction, understanding clients needs and developing an array of designs which were then sold to specific clients.



Living in The New Forest helped develop a huge passion for nature, being in the countryside constantly, it was sure to happen. Always managing to find a concept within nature to start developing my work either from the forest or from the sea. As a new company finding the gap in the market was key with the style of art I provide. I believe that I have found an illustrative/ abstract style of work which sets itself as unique for people to admire. Within weeks of company starting I felt that becoming a freelance designer would give me another angle from a design perspective.


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