Trout, Moths, Cornish Boats and Rockpools…Our August 2018 Event

Well it’s been over a week since our August event and what a lovely time we had –  if a tad on the hot side! Stockbridge’s Trout n About Festival was wonderful. The sun shone down and there was so much to see for everyone. Stalls lined the streets selling locally produced food and craft and the crowds came out in their droves. The Trout swimming in the Test River which runs right through Stockbridge, were definitely the coolest as temperatures soared!



Our location, The Vine was beautifully laid out with all the wonderful art and crafts from our very talented exhibitors – original paintings of cornish boats by Karen Welsh, beautifully carved Maltese Limestone Moths from Moira Ross and sterling silver jewellery inspired by rock pools from Hannah Viner . We also had:

I leave you with a selection of the wonderful work we had on display and say a big thank you to everyone who came and supported us. A special thank you as always to our lovely exhibitors who’s beautiful work filled our venue and delighted our customers.

Our next event will be on Friday and Saturday, 26th and 27th October at Stockbridge Town Hall. A bigger space with more exhibitors, there will be so much to enjoy. See you there!












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