In The Studio With…Faye Benjamin Jewellery


One of things I love about being involved with Hampshire Pop Up Studios, is meeting the creative people who exhibit with us and finding out about their career and how they got to be doing what they are doing. Meet Faye Benjamin Jewellery aka Jo Richards. The Faye Benjamin business name comes from her two children! Lovely!


Jo started her career as an engineer and then trained to be a Silversmith to allow for her creative side. Twenty years on and she has called time on her engineering career to focus entirely on making her beautiful jewellery. Jo says about her engineering background – “It’s given me the ability to focus on the detail and taught me to always remember my customer. It is important to me that each piece is not only unique and beautiful, but wearable.”

A fully qualified Silversmith, when Silver Clay came along it allowed Jo the freedom to make the kind of jewellery she had dreamed of. Jo explains –  “Silver Clay is made up of pure recycled silver particles bound together with water and an organic non-toxic binder. It can be moulded, shaped, pressed, stamped and cut. When the piece is finished, I dry it thoroughly and fire it in a kiln. The organic binder burns away leaving the silver particles to fuse into a solid metal for, resulting in a gorgeous and unique piece of 99.9% Fine Silver Faye Benjamin jewellery.”

Jo is also a member of The Association Of Contemporary Jewellery and exhibits regularly with them. You can also buy from her directly, through Etsy or through the many events Jo exhibits at.  Take a look at Jo’s website to see more of her stunning work.





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